StreamScope MPEG Analyzers and Transport Stream Monitors

video quality monitoring systems

StreamScope DTV service quality assurance

Using the latest industry standards, StreamScope analyzers and monitors ensure state-of-the-art video and audio quality and regulatory compliance for all types of DTV networks.

MPEG Analyzers ►
Ultraportable, portable, and rackmount MPEG analyzers.

Transport Stream Monitors ►
Remote transport stream monitors for DTV networks.

Enterprise Manager ►
Enterprise-wide DTV monitoring and management system.

ATSC 3.0 Analyzer ► New!
Full-featured receiver for ATSC 3.0 broadcast stream analysis.

ATSC 3.0 Verifier ► New!
Windows-based web app for verifying ATSC 3.0 stream quality.

"The StreamScope platform [is for] operators that are transitioning toward a higher performance networking infrastructure and need advanced monitoring and analysis tools."– Multichannel News

StreamScope provides...

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of all common inputs by industry standards and user-configured performance targets
  • Transport stream recording based on user configurations
  • Video rendering, video thumbnails, and audio thumbnails
  • Dynamic color-coded graphs, charts, and tables
  • Rule-based transport stream comparisons
  • Postmortem analyses for solving complex video problems
  • Detailed current and historical reports
  • Drill-down EPG metadata analysis
  • Closed captioning verification
  • Audio loudness checks for CALM Act compliance

What customers say about StreamScope

"Our choice of Triveni Digital was driven by the need to have a solid, dependable supplier that could provide a product that will meet our needs today and accommodate our future requirements. We believe Triveni is the leader in this arena."
-Harvey Arnold, Director of Engineering, Sinclair Broadcast Group

“StreamScope is the most accurate and comprehensive solution we have found for diagnosing terrestrial and mobile transport stream issues in real time.”
-Yves Montané, Director of Research and Development Engineering, FOX Technology Group

"Since installing StreamScope, we’ve been able to proactively resolve video and audio issues before they impact our customers."
-Scott Human, Headend Supervisor, Highland Media

"The small form factor and portability of the StreamScope Portal allows our staff to conveniently carry the tablet-based tool...without compromising any of the monitoring functionality required to ensure superior quality of service for our subscribers "
-Darren Richer,CTO, Columbia Communications

"Triveni Digital’s StreamScope solutions eliminate all the guesswork, enabling us to quickly pinpoint any problems and ensure the veracity of our video streams. [StreamScope] has proven to be invaluable in elevating the quality of our service."
- Gil Maxwell, VP and CTO, Maine Public Broadcasting Network