GuideBuilder XM ATSC 3.0 Signaling and Announcement Generator

ATSC 3.0 signaling and announcement generator

GuideBuilder XM ATSC 3.0 signaling and announcement system

The new GuideBuilder® XM generates ATSC 3.0 signaling and announcement metadata, with continued support for ATSC 1.0 standards. This award-winning system delivers both broadcast and broadband content for a seamless workflow during ATSC 3.0 trials and deployments.

Get ready for Next Gen TV deployments

GuideBuilder XM is critical for managing an OTA future that supports new revenue-bearing services in a channel sharing environment. With GuideBuilder XM, broadcasters can fully unify Next Gen TV and legacy metadata generation in centralized, distributed, or cloud workflows.

With a new Broadcast Services Management Platform

StreamScope XM Overview

GuideBuilder XM is an integral part of the overall ATSC 3.0 service delivery infrastructure. (Click to enlarge.)

GuideBuilder XM is an essential component of Triveni Digital's new Broadcast Services Management Platform, which includes ATSC 3.0 revenue-generating applications such as Dyme™ (Dynamic Media Engine), ACE™ (Addressable Content Engine), and SkyScraper® XM datacasting.

GuideBuilder XM main benefits:

  • Extends the industry-leading GuideBuilder platform to ATSC 3.0
  • Delivers advanced interactive Electronic Service Guides (ESGs)
  • Manages metadata across multiple stations
  • Includes IP and MMTP route encoding options
  • Supports Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS) warnings
  • Saves time with user-friendly web-based interfaces

GuideBuilder XM key features:

  • Simultaneous support of ATSC 1.0, DVB-SI, and ATSC 3.0
  • Broadcast, broadband, and hybrid outputs
  • Schedule provider, services, and output configurations
  • Remote program editor for manual schedule changes
  • Route encoder for MPEG-DASH segments and MMTP
  • All major listing services supported for inputs
  • Interactive Electronic Service Guides (ESGs) supported
  • Enhanced, targeted emergency alert management
  • SMTP/SMS error notifications and SNMP traps

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