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GuideBuilder Cloud Service

GuideBuilder Cloud service manages network-based PSIP carousel downloads to provide channel signaling and EPG metadata for terrestrial ATSC signals.

Worry-free PSIP generation and EPGs

By reducing hardware infrastructure, GuideBuilder Cloud lowers broadcasters' power and operational expenses. Freed from maintaining hardware, software, and local listing services, technical personnel can focus on more pressing tasks.

For cost-saving centralized control

GuideBuilder Cloud Service Map

GuideBuilder Cloud includes a web-based app for making schedule changes on the go. (Click to view sample page.)

GuideBuilder Cloud ingests schedule listings, maps them to services, and generates outputs for multiple DTV channels. Triveni Digital can configure this turnkey system for low-power stations, duopolies, and station groups, providing scalability as your networks expand. GuideBuilder Cloud is also ATSC 3.0 ready.

GuideBuilder Cloud provides:

  • Fully compliant metadata generation
  • Central control and management
  • Listing service inputs included
  • Zero capital expenditures (CAPEX)
  • Reduced operational costs (OPEX)
  • Java-based configuration application for network changes
  • Web-based program editor for schedule changes
  • Support for dual broadcast chains
  • Ready for migration to IP-based ATSC 3.0
  • Free software updates
  • Mobile access for program editor
  • Field-proven Linux-based reliability
  • 24/7 technical support