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MPEG transport stream monitors

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StreamScope RM-60 TS monitors ensure quality of service and regulatory compliance in DTV networks.

Complete QoS Assurance

Install these low-maintenance servers at remote or local sites to view real-time dashboards, custom alerts, spot checks, current and historical reports, and much more.

Click the monitor that meets your needs...

StreamScope RM-60 ►
TS Monitor with multiple RF, ASI, and GigE inputs.

StreamScope RM-60 HBE ►
High-bandwidth TS monitor with up to six GigE inputs.

StreamScope RM-60 10GigE ►
Highest-bandwidth TS monitor with two 10GigE inputs.

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StreamScope RMs include...

  • A highest-bandwidth model with a 10 GigE input for large DTV networks
  • Comprehensive closed caption monitoring, with correlated video thumbnails, enhanced analysis rules, and Nexidia® Illuminate reports
  • User-defined service groups for easier network monitoring
  • More user-selected parameters for customized reports
  • Remote configuration from the StreamScope EM-50 enterprise manager

StreamScope RMs provide...

  • Real-time MPEG monitoring for signal errors, rule violations, and QoS
  • Detailed troubleshooting and postmortem analysis
  • Record streams and generate detailed reports
  • Rule-based closed captioning verification with video thumbnails
  • Audio loudness monitoring for CALM Act compliance
  • Round robin channel sweeps for reduced monitoring costs
  • Customized error levels to avoid false alarms
  • Interactive service summary and time line dashboards
  • Automatic error notices and reports sent to key personnel
  • Access anywhere from the web and mobile devices
  • Synchronized connectivity to GuideBuilder program guides
  • Connectivity to StreamScope MT-60 MPEG analyzers

TV Technology 2015 Product Innovation Awards Product Guide TV Technology 2015 Product Innovation Awards

"One of the industry's first transport stream monitoring solutions to ensure compliance with FCC 14-12, allowing broadcasters to provide an optimal captioning experience for viewers."
- Product Innovations Awards Program Guide

TV Technology 2015 NAB Best of Show Award 2015 Diamond Technology Reviews

"Addresses two major challenges ...ensuring compliance with closed-caption regulations and making a smooth transition to a 10GigE networking infrastructure."
- Broadband Technology Report

TV Technology 2015 NAB Best of Show Award 2015 NAB Best of Show Awards

"The industry's most comprehensive video-quality monitoring system...designed to simultaneously monitor multiple inputs, including QAM, ASI, GigE, 8-VSB, and SMPTE-310 for rule-based monitoring of industry standards and customized performance targets.” - TV Technology