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Triveni Digital Provides Quality Assurance Solutions for Dougall Media’s DTV Service

GuideBuilder® Generates Highly Accurate PSIP Data While StreamScope® RM-40 Ensures DTV Transport Stream Compliance With Complex Industry Standards

PRINCETON, N.J. - August 20, 2012

Triveni Digital today announced that its GuideBuilder® PSIP generator and StreamScope® RM-40 real-time transport stream monitor have been deployed by Canadian broadcaster Dougall Media to significantly improve the quality of its new digital television service. The systems were recommended and installed by Montreal-based Incospec Communications, Triveni Digital’s certified reseller in Canada. Utilizing the comprehensive solution from Triveni Digital, Dougall Media can deliver consistent PSIP program data to viewers seamlessly and effectively monitor the quality of its MPEG transport stream in order to quickly identify and isolate video quality issues.

Based in Northwestern Ontario, Dougall Media operates two broadcast television stations, CBC affiliate CKPR and Global affiliate CHFD, making it the only locally-owned multistation broadcast operation in the region. Both stations recently transitioned from NTSC analog to full HD with 5.1 surround sound, and the media company selected Triveni Digital’s GuideBuilder PSIP generation system to provide viewers with reliable program guide information for its over-the-air channels. Additionally, StreamScope RM-40 offers Dougall Media engineers a more detailed view of the stations’ MPEG transport stream. After working with Dougall Media to identify its requirements, Incospec designed and delivered a complete solution. The systems integrator recommended GuideBuilder based on its open approach and high-performance bit-stream generation capability.

“In transitioning to a digital broadcast service, it was important that we provide viewers with the highest quality of service, including accurate programming information and an overall superior video quality,” said Denis Barriault, chief engineer, Dougall Media. “GuideBuilder is a highly intuitive, automated platform that optimizes efficiencies for our digital television service, while StreamScope RM-40 gives us a much deeper insight into the MPEG stream so that we can be confident in the quality of service we’re delivering. Both platforms are an integral part of our workflow.”

GuideBuilder works seamlessly with existing HD encoders and automatically generates accurate PSIP data of Dougall Media’s DTV transport streams, providing viewers who own a digital TV with a built-in QAM tuner or a basic digital set-top box with reliable programming guide information. Through a user-friendly interface, station engineers can easily manage PSIP program data as well as configure listing service imports, edit schedules for last-minute program changes and overruns, and change captioning service and parental rating settings.

Dougall Media is utilizing StreamScope RM-40 to maintain the integrity of its digital transport streams while ensuring compliance with all industry broadcast standards and requirements. Leveraging the platform’s sophisticated Web-based user interface, engineers can view real-time video and audio thumbnails, QoS and bitrate graphs, loudness measurements, and alert triggers. StreamScope continuously logs transport stream data, offering users current and historical reports for postmortem analyses. After detecting an issue with the transport stream, the system notifies engineers so that they can analyze the information and resolve future degradations.

“As broadcast stations worldwide increasingly offer digital and multiscreen television services, it becomes even more important to deploy a reliable video quality assurance solution,” said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales, head of marketing for Triveni Digital. “Our GuideBuilder and StreamScope platforms provide operators of any size — including an independent station group like Dougall Media — with a cost-effective solution for delivering the best possible quality of service, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and potential revenue opportunities.”

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