Triveni Digital Announces Content Delivery Network for Advanced Digital Media

PRINCETON, N.J. - June 23, 2010

Triveni Digital today announced the creation of a content delivery network for advanced digital media, leveraging its widely-deployed GuideBuilder® technology. The network will emphasize the delivery of digital media and interactive applications into two key emerging segments — devices that receive broadcast television signals (both fixed and mobile) and advanced interactive television systems for hotels. 

In addition, TrafficLand and Triveni Digital announced that they have entered a strategic partnership to deliver live traffic video and information through Triveni Digital’s content delivery network to a wide variety of devices and applications. TrafficLand is the market leader in aggregating and delivering live traffic video. Through this collaboration, the Triveni Digital platform will enable TrafficLand content delivery to ATSC mobile receivers, and will create a new service option for hotels that deploy the new Pro:Centric™ advanced interactive television system from LG Electronics. Broadcasters also will be able to target the application to Internet-based TV systems. 

“New devices for viewing advanced digital media continue to emerge at a rapid pace, which presents both an opportunity and a significant challenge to traditional television broadcasters and media content distributors,” said Mark Simpson, president and CEO at Triveni Digital. “Exploiting this trend in a cost-effective manner is the key issue for content providers. Given our market presence in broadcast television stations and our technology partnership with our parent company, LG Electronics, for advanced hotel systems, Triveni Digital is in a unique position to provide simple, unified access to a wide range of viewing devices.” 

Working with leading application developers and content providers, such as TrafficLand, Triveni Digital will develop business models and technical specifications that provide U.S. broadcast television stations with a rich multiple-target content distribution platform and a cost-effective way to extend current operations to capture new revenue streams. 

Triveni Digital’s development of a multiple-target content distribution platform for deployment in U.S. broadcast television stations represents an extension of the company’s broad installed base of GuideBuilder DTV metadata systems. With an open design that simplifies use by any content or application partner, this content delivery application network will enable broadcasters to extend the utility of their existing metadata and media delivery systems to target a greater variety of platforms, including traditional DTV, mobile DTV, enhanced DTV, and Non-Real-Time (NRT) as they emerge, as well as LG Electronic’s “smart” Pro:Centic DTV hotel systems. As a result, Triveni Digital customers are equipped to extend their core business and manage service delivery over multiple paths both efficiently and cost-effectively. 

“Through this collaboration with Triveni Digital, we can efficiently target new platforms for our high-quality content. This effort will strengthen our position and profitability as the leading aggregator and distributor of real-time traffic video and metadata,” said Lawrence Nelson, CEO of TrafficLand. “Given Triveni Digital’s position in broadcast television and hotel content distribution, this is an ideal vehicle for delivering our live traffic video to a broader range of platforms, businesses, and audiences.” 

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