StreamScope RM-50 CALM Monitors

standard CALM monitoring

StreamScope RM remote monitors can measure, analyze, and records LKFS levels for multiple MPEG audio streams to ensure viewer QoS and FCC CALM Act compliance.

Ensure CALM Act compliance for TV broadcasters

StreamScope CALM Loudness over Time graph

StreamScope RMs can perform scheduled and on-demand spot checks on up to 12 audio streams simultaneously. Its web-based GUI makes it easy to monitor the loudness of DTV services and identify potential CALM Act violations.

Locate loud commercials with 24-hour spot checks

StreamScope CALM Report

View CALM reports with video thumbnails and dialnorm graphs to identify loud commercials. (Click to enlarge.)

Automatic and on-demand 24-hour spot checks generate detailed CALM compliance reports for services and PIDs. CALM reports include drill-down loudness graphs and video thumbnails showing when loud commercials occurred. For troubleshooting on the go, loudness alerts are sent via email, SNMP, and SMS.

StreamScope CALM monitoring features:

  • Simultaneous 24-hour CALM spot checks for to 12 AC3 and non-AC3 audio streams
  • Scheduled (annual, monthly, etc.) and on-demand spot checks
  • Uses ITU-R BS.1770-3 loudness measurement algorithms
  • Drill-down loudness graphs with LKFS and dialnorm values
  • Loudness out-of-bound event totals for services and PIDs
  • Detailed loudness reports with time-stamped video thumbnail images showing commercial content
  • Downloadable CALM compliance reports stored up to six months
  • Automatic loudness alerts sent via SMS, SNMP, and email
  • Support for IP, ASI, and RF (8VSB or QAM) inputs
  • Linux operating system
  • Color-coded, web-based GUI
  • Links to StreamScope MPEG analyzers
  • Links to the StreamScope Enterprise Video Quality Management System